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Social Media


hyper. targeted. ads.

your biz. front and center.

Want to target new parents? That also have children between 2 and 4 years old? Who live in your neighborhood? That are actively engaging with luxury brands? That recently engaged with other cosmetic brands? 

Wouldn't it be awesome if your website popped up more often? Especially when someone searches for a health practice in your market? Start cornering your market with our sophisticated suite of digital advertising tools.


Branding Services

holistic. organic. rankings.

fully. developed. brand.

Rather than buying space at the top of Google forever, we help doctors & health practices grow their organic SEO so that they show up in the top of searches without paying for clicks.You're either on the first page... or you don't exist.

From the initial planning strategy, design, content creation, and complete advertising strategies, PMCO helps health professionals in every stage of business create consistent, top-quality content, that will make your brand unforgettable.

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Step #1

Step #2

In order to market effectively, you need a list of people that are looking for your type of practice, then you need to start marketing to them.

The healthcare field is competitive! Like, hundreds of other doctors in your city competitive. You need to stand out with highly engaging brand content.

Step #3

Step #4

If you want to elevate your practice, you need to automate time consuming tasks like patient on-boarding, and texting appointment reminders.

Get more patients by showing off your practice to tens of thousands of highly targeted people month in and month out.

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CP Josh

Real Estate Agent

"What I appreciate the most is their data driven/results oriented approach. They let you see where your hard earned money is being spent and help optimize your strategy and dollars to grow your business."

Drake Larson


"Went from having 2-3 consultations per month to having 2-3 consultations per week almost overnight, and I'm getting even more now! They're worth it. Couldn't give a stronger recommendation!"

Elijah Robert

Real Estate Agent

"I'm impressed with the dedication these guys have to making your company thrive. You can tell it's more than just a job to them, they are invested in your success. Highly recommended if you want results."

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Let's face it. You can only attend so many networking meetings, and rely on so many referrals. Let's make you a sustainable, scalable, and thriving practice. The biggest risk you have is getting a free 30 minute marketing consultation.

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